5 Cutting Edge Interactive Web Designs

How do you cut through the over-cluttered web? By being cutting-edge.

And by providing well-designed content and consumer interactions.

In recent years, web design (user experience design, included) has become a category of its own, alongside fashion, graphic design, architecture, etc.

Website design can no longer fall under graphic design and here’s why:

Web is about the experience the design provides, not just the aesthetic appeal. It’s about seamless transitions, exceptional usability, an in-depth understanding of your target audience and the flawless execution of an online sale.

An excellent website in today’s day and age is designed first and foremost with the user in mind. It incorporates principles of UX (user-centric design) and is highly contextual, meaning, the success of the design is determined by a variety of factors (highlighted above), not solely by its ability to convey a message.

Another clear way to differentiate web design from traditional graphic design is that it is measurable. By looking at a site’s analytics you’re able to see just how effective your design is, how many leads it’s closing, how engaging it is to your audience (by the time spent on page and the rate of visitors bouncing from your site).

We’re seeing a new wave of designers diversifying their skillsets. They aren’t simply designers anymore, they’re communicators of your brand, experts in online consumer satisfaction and even website analytics. They design a strategy that is then coded and brought to life by a developer.

Now let’s talk about current and cutting-edge design trends of 2017. You’ve probably noticed a lot of smooth animations between sections, short and concise bodies of text broken up into cohesive swipes and an influx of animated imagery.

At Avintiv, we predict the use of still images will steadily decline. In fact, studies show online video will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.

In e commerce, we’re seeing more and more video or animated representations of products. You’ll often see the model walking or turning to show how the garment moves — See Desordre Boutique, at #3 for an example of this.

Virtual reality as well as 360 film will further change the way we interact with consumers. Not to mention, the increasing prominence of Artificial intelligence. as AI becomes more sufficient, we can expect to see this technology taking over chat boxes and even the customer service aspect of e commerce entirely.

But for now, here are five website designs that are leading the pack in 2017, in terms of innovation, UX design and unique creativity.

  1. Huge Inc

Huge is an agency specializing in branding, UX design and digital marketing. Their homepage is consumed by their symbolic ‘H’ logo in various forms and you can swipe through to read blurbs of projects and case studies.

  1. Saddington Baynes

Saddington Baynes shows off their animation abilities from your first encounter with their site. You’re taken through a slideshow of impressive animations of presumably their best work. Clearly creative pioneers in their space.

  1. Desordre Boutique

As an avid online shopper, this is one of the most beautifully designed e commerce sites I’ve come across. The clothes are arranged by color and transition seamlessly. Each section has a video example of a product they’d like to showcase (see pink slip dress pictured above).

  1. Game Ace

On Game Ace’s site you’re immersed in an interactive experience upon entering the site. Your view moves with your mouse, giving the illusion you’re actually in the scene.

  1. Feed Music

Feed tells their story as you scroll. Text rolls through the screen and disappears as you read. The animated background adds to the effect and brings it all together.

We hope you enjoyed reading about cutting-edge website designs. It’s certainly one of our passions here at Avintiv Media. Click here if you’d like to view some of our own work.

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