E Commerce Picks for Your New Years Resolution

The new year marks a milestone for self-improvement. The craze every year is to talk about the new years resolution. It’s the fresh start to implement a game plan, a structured outline of how you’re going to hit your personal and professional goals. And to research the right tools to get you there. An investment in yourself is the best type of investment. As a team of entrepreneurs, the Avintiv Media team is relentless in our pursuit of self-improvement. Here are our top ecommerce picks to help you accomplish your resolutions, whatever they may be.

Best Self, Avintiv Media

1. Best Self Journal

Time block out your days. Record your self-improvement journey. The Best SELF Journal is divided in 3 distinct sections: the Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Each one is tailored to keep you focused and on track for achieving your goals. Our CEO actually purchases the Best Self Journals for each of Avintiv Media’s staff and each of our clients that hire us for consulting/coaching. These journals are amazing for setting goals and achieving them.

2. Brain-boosting Supplements

A company out of Silicon Valley championing biohacking (testing, refining and optimizing human’s biological performance) has a line of supplements to improve brain function. They claim their product Sprint improves sustained attention by 13.94% and semantic memory by 3.34%. They’re apparently all the rage with Silicon Valley techies and featured by Forbes, Wall Street Journal.

3. A New Workout Set

Nothing motivates better than brand new stylish clothes to workout in. And Touche LA by Morgan Stewart is absolutely slaying the market.

The Upside Mens – fresh brand out of Australia (Lululemon, who?)

4. An Audible Membership

For only $14.95 a week you get one free audiobook a month plus a 30% discount on any further books you purchase. Knowledge is power. Plus take advantage of their one month free trial with 2 free books! Pro tip, listen at 2x speed for twice the efficiency.

5. New Workout Shoes

APL has cornered the market in color combinations – they carry practically any color you can think of. And they’ve nailed the Monotone trend.

These babies from Adidas are dropped on December 21st.

6. A Fitfluencer retreat.

Make self-care a priority in 2018. Start with a refreshing fitness retreat with one of your favorite influencers.

7. A Juice Cleanse

Begin 2018 by detoxing your body of GMOs, nasty chemicals and stored fat that could be causing lethargy and sluggishness. Clean out your engine and get your body performing at its best again.

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