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E Commerce Picks for Your New Years Resolution

The new year marks a milestone for self-improvement. The craze every year is to talk about the new years resolution. It’s the fresh start to implement a game plan, a structured outline of how you’re going to hit your personal and professional goals. And to research the right tools to get you there. An investment in yourself is the best type of investment. As a team of entrepreneurs, the Avintiv Media team is relentless in our pursuit of self-improvement. Here are our top ecommerce picks to help you accomplish your resolutions, whatever they may be.

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5 Christmas Shopping Hacks to Change Your Life for 2017

The term growth hacking is a popular one here at Avintiv Media. For those who don’t know, growth hacking is inventing or implementing strategies to grow businesses in the most cost-effective and efficient ways. We thought we’d apply this same methodology to Christmas shopping and devise a list of hacks for your Christmas list. So here are some strategies to tackle this holiday season.

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How to Brand Yourself on Instagram as a Salon/Spa in 2018

If you’re in the beauty industry or work in a salon or spa and lack a social media presence you’re losing money. Today’s consumers do their research. Even with a word-of-mouth recommendation for your services, a savvy consumer’s first move is to look up your work on Instagram. Then, only if you share the same aesthetic as this prospective client and appear reputable, they’ll book an appointment.

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5 Cutting Edge Interactive Web Designs

How do you cut through the over-cluttered web? By being cutting-edge.

And by providing well-designed content and consumer interactions.

In recent years, web design (user experience design, included) has become a category of its own, alongside fashion, graphic design, architecture, etc.

Website design can no longer fall under graphic design and here’s why:

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How To Maximize Conversions on Instagram in 2018

It’s no secret that social media has revolutionized the way we socialize, perceive and interact with each other in the 21st century. And that smart businesses are capitalizing on it.

On the one hand, spending hours of your day scrolling Instagram when you have more important things to do, can seem like a time-waster. But on the other hand, utilizing the app to grow your business or personal brand can expand your reach to potential customers and wider revenue streams. You can profit from it or let it profit from you. At Avintiv Media, we believe in the latter.

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Avintiv Media Recognized as a Top Phoenix Web Design Firm!

Avintiv Media Recognized as a Top Phoenix Web Design Firm!

At Avintiv Media, we are made up of individuals who are digital storytellers that call ourselves family. When you work with a team that views each other as family, you get passion – not just a project completion. Built on a foundation of innovation and teamwork, our team is driven by the success of our clients with results that connect each client with their consumers. That’s why we’re thrilled to have been named in the top 10 Phoenix web designers by Clutch.Read this Post