Independence Gym

Independence Gym is one of the leading gyms in Arizona, known for its high energy atmosphere, professional competitors, professional athletes, and local celebrities coming to train side by side with you.


Independence Gym is a privately owned gym off of Hayden and Thomas in Scottsdale, AZ. As soon as you walk in the gym, you can feel the energy and motivation within you turning up. As you start to frequent the gym more, you realize that Independence Gym isn’t just a gym, it’s a family. Everyone seems to know everyone.


Independence Gym has had an amazing amount of members for many years but one thing they were lacking on was their digital presence. They focused a lot on building their social media page but their website was still outdated. They didn’t even have full access to their website as a previous web design company was holding everything hostage. They understood that over 55% of their traffic was using mobile cell phones and if they didn’t update their website to a newer cutting edge that was also mobile responsive capable, they’d be losing potential customers.


We worked with Independence Gym in multiple stages. The first portion was dealing with the other third party company that didn’t seem to eager to hand over the domain, website, and hosting that Independence Gym owned. We assisted with that and made sure our client got everything transferred into their name so they had full ownership.


Independence Gym welcomed us from day one like we were apart of the family. It was very exciting working with them and actually being able to turn their feeling about marketing agencies around after going through what they went through. A number of our staff now frequent Independence Gym four to five days a week as they loved the gym so much.