Modus Apparel

Modus Apparel is a premier activewear brand specializing in premium fitness & lifestyle apparel. Modus Apparel launched in March 2015 is now currently sold in over 185 countries and is endorsed by countless celebrities and professional athletes.


Modus Apparel is a premier activewear brand specializing in premium fitness & lifestyle apparel. Modus Apparel is much more than just a clothing company. It’s a lifestyle that is now shared by thousands. Modus Apparel created a lifestyle called the Modus Life which means, becoming a better version of yourself each and every day.

From the material chosen for its products, to its advertisements, to its brand influencers, Modus Apparel is very strategic in everything that they do.

With Modus Apparel being headquartered in Tempe, AZ, we have the great pleasure of working with them hand in hand on multiple projects at once.


Modus Apparel faced a different problem from most companies when the company started to grew too fast for its own good. Almost every product launch Modus Apparel did resulted in selling out within the first 30 days of launch and there weren’t systems or procedures built to properly scale the company. With that left potential customers or loyal customers unhappy that they couldn’t get their hands on the latest products everyone would be raving about. The other issue is when growing at a fast rate, you start getting compared to the top brands within the industry, which means your work quality and marketing quality must match or surpass theirs. Modus Apparel was then having to launch similar quality videos, extremely high end website, constant social media updates, etc.


We started with auditing Modus Apparel’s brand, customers, market, overall industry, and where we saw potential for future growth. We noticed that the industry as a whole is already a $270 Billion industry and would be growing another 23% over the next 10 years.

We started by listing out Modus Apparel’s current business, what their future goals were and what needed to be done in order to close that gap.

We started with a full front/back end web development package, redid all of the product photography, product content, on-page/off-page SEO, and took care of the basic necessities needed for organic traffic. We created new systems and procedures that would allow them to scale up through the next phase of their business and better manage and prepare for their growth. We then focused on the social media pages, model/influencer photography, and the overall brand voice and message. As soon as the beginning tasks were completed, we then moved on to hiring national influencers to bring the products to their followers and fans from around the world. We launched hundreds of Facebook advertising campaigns, which had a 2-3x ROI on anything spent over $4,000 per month.

Modus Apparel has since doubled their business and is currently working on going more mainstream and focusing marketing efforts on active individuals who want to better their life and strive to become a better person in and outside of the gym.


The highlight of working with Modus Apparel was being able to see first hand not only a brand evolve but an industry as a whole changing so much ever since Avintiv Media got involved. It is very unique being able to offer business services to one of the premier brands within the activewear or fitness apparel industry and seeing it evolve first hand.