Scottsdale Maserati

Scottsdale Maserati is definitely a hidden gem. A lot of people have heard of Maserati but don’t fully know what the brand stands for besides it being a luxury automotive brand.


Scottsdale Maserati is located at the most premiere dealership in the state of Arizona, connected to brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin. A lot of people know what a Maserati is but they have no idea that they actually start at $67,000. The brand is infused with its Italian culture, from how the leather is designed all the way to its engine, which is assembled in the Ferrari plant in Modena, Italy. Maserati stands for art, culture, and a fine eclectic taste. Maserati is much more than a car brand; it’s a lifestyle and what better city than Scottsdale to showcase it.


Scottsdale Maserati is amongst the highest end brands in the country. Located at Penske Automotive Dealership in North Scottsdale, potential customers think that all of the cars there start well over $100,000. Maserati cars come with extensive detail and specific features that stand out when inside of them but hard to point out over a camera or website.

Another challenge is showing the different upgraded features and specs of a car ranging from $67,000- $167,000 through dull photos on their website. Customers weren’t getting a full experience when looking for a future purchase just by photographs.

Another challenge Scottsdale Maserati faced was with market share and overall brand awareness in the state of Arizona. The average person has heard of Maserati’s price point competitors: BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc. They noticed that not many people knew about the price point of Maserati, the amazing culture the company has, and getting as much information out to potential customers as possible.


Scottsdale Maserati hired us to take professional photos of their highest end Maseratis to use on social media and their website. We were able to bring out the detail in the car, special paint job, carbon fiber interior, and much more.

Scottsdale Maserati also hired us to complete 60-90 second videos of every Maserati Model to showcase the features, detail, and overall beauty of the car. These videos were edited specifically for the demographic and customer each of the vehicle models were focused at. We were able to provoke emotion with all potential customers as they saw fully edited videos with knowledgeable feature point outs within the video versus still photos on a website.

Avintiv Media has also assisted Scottsdale Maserati in digital marketing, digital advertising, and social media management consulting with a goal of getting their followers up and increasing brand awareness.


To this day, Scottsdale Maserati has been so much fun to work with. Not only are the vehicles amazing, the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It’s almost like they’re a family and they’ve offered that feeling towards us and each of their customers.