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AI Google Search – Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the digital age, staying ahead of the technology innovation curve is crucial for any business. With technology evolving rapidly, embracing innovative solutions is essential to give your business a competitive edge. One groundbreaking tool released to a small testing group in May of this year is AI Google Search. This intelligent search engine is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to transform how users find and consume information. This article will explore the features of AI Google Search, what this could mean for businesses, and how AVINTIV is prepared to meet the oncoming changes.

Features of AI Google Search

AI Google Search utilizes advanced language processing capabilities to analyze queries and provide the best answer to user questions. It goes beyond the traditional keyword-based search and compiles information from across the web to deliver more accurate and relevant results, providing a better user experience. Some of these new features are:

Search Generative Experience

With AI Google Search, users can expect more than just a list of website links. Search Generative Experience (SGE) analyzes a query and compiles information from across the web into one concise answer at the top of the screen. This feature offers users a quick summary that reduces the need to click through multiple search results. Users also have the ability to see where the information was sourced from, allowing them to learn more and corroborate the AI-compiled information.

Enhanced Shopping

If you type a question into Google, such as “What to look for in a mountain bike,” AI Search will compile a short excerpt of information about the best traits of mountain bikes. The search engine will then provide links to purchase bikes that fit the bill. You will also see up-to-date product photos, customer reviews, and pricing, saving time and allowing for a quicker and more efficient shopping experience.

What Businesses Should Consider

Because of the change in how Google approaches content and information curation for users, there are certain marketing practices that companies should consider.

Importance of Content

Valuable content has always been important for businesses to generate organic traffic and user interest for their website, but now that is more important than ever. AI Google Search prioritizes high-quality, relevant content in its search results. By creating valuable and optimized content that aligns with user intent, your brand is more likely to show up in AI-generated results and be seen as a thought leader within your industry.

Organic Traffic May Decrease

Because SGE will answer user questions within the search engine, there is a decreased incentive to click on a website unless you need to learn more. This will most likely lead to a decrease in organic search traffic for websites. However, business owners should consider that this may not be entirely bad, as it will naturally filter out low-quality traffic from your analytics, and you can still benefit from SGE shopping and brand exposure.

Advertising Changes

SGE will alter the future of advertisement. With a large portion of the page dedicated to generative search information, it leaves less high-quality real estate for paid ads. However, advertisers shouldn’t panic. With more than 80% of Alphabet’s revenues in 2021 coming from Google ads, the company has an incentive to continue to offer value to its advertisers.

How AVINTIV Can Help Clients Get Ready for AI Search

Currently, Search Engine Generation is only available in SearchLabs, Google’s proving ground for experiments relating to search, and only in English within the United States. However, once it has been tested through this small group of users and optimized, it will likely expand worldwide.

As a marketing agency with decades of combined history of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and content creation expertise, we are well-positioned to help our clients adapt to AI Search. Our content team can deliver you a robust content schedule, and our SEO team can optimize your website for maximum exposure in AI-generated results.

Additionally, our agency operates with a client focus, working as a dedicated business partner that cares about delivering rockstar campaigns that dominate the competition. To that end, we frequently research new technologies and innovative marketing tactics. Our team at AVINTIV will continue to monitor the updates surrounding AI Google Search, including when it may launch for a wider audience and how it could affect advertisers and content creators.

To learn more about how AVINTIV can help your business with its marketing needs now and into the future of AI search, reach out to our team to set up a time when we can discuss your unique business needs.

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