How to Stand out in the Meal Prep Industry

As the wellness industry continues to grow, meal prep companies have become universally available. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself is very in right now, and businesses are capitalizing on it. In our often busy lifestyles, eating a nutritionally balanced diet rather than the nearest/cheapest/fastest option can be a challenge. Meal prep services are designed to relieve this issue and keep your health on track.


If you type ‘meal prep’ into Google, chances are, depending on your location, they’ll be an assortment of options just in a 6 mile radius alone (and most deliver so proximity doesn’t always narrow it down).


In this article we’ll be writing from the viewpoints of two warm leads, AKA, two potential buyers that are weighing their options and intently deliberating which service to subscribe to. Because the first rule of business is to always, always, keep your customer in mind with every decision you make; from developing your product to operations to sales to marketing, etc.


Imagine my name is Eric. I’m a 26-year-old real estate agent and investor who enjoys taking care of myself by eating well and attending the gym four or five times a week.


Above all else, I’m primarily concerned with the taste of the product and the variety of meals i’ll have access to. If the meals are a chore to eat, i’ll end up going out to eat regardless and the prepped meals won’t serve their purpose.


I don’t like any of this vegan bs. I prefer my meals to be heavy on the protein. While calorie count and macros are important to me, i’m not super particular. The meals don’t have to be ‘pretty’ by any means but if I do my research on social media you better sell me on the taste. I want you to describe those meals like a waiter describes a t bone steak at a gourmet restaurant.


On the other hand, another one of your buyer personas may be a Julia. She’s a 23-year-old personal trainer who will first check your meals out on Instagram to see if they look yummy enough, but also presentable, in case she wants to post her meals on social media to inspire her clients.


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She also wants to know about your overall philosophy and how you cook and prepare your meals, not just the nutritional breakdown, if she’s going to buy into your brand. She likes her meals to be a little more fancy or “boujee.” She doesn’t mind paying a little extra for lime cilantro swordfish with avocado mango salsa.  


With that being said, both Eric and Julia are looking for video testimonials of your product. They want to know you’re reputable and as good as you say you are, in the words of other customers.  They’re impressed by ‘as seen in’ men’s health, etc. And swayed by online ratings. The level of Professionalism your site exhibits can also add to this presumed credibility.


Of course, you likely have countless other buyer personas to factor into your business strategies, Eric and Julia are just a taste. We hope this blog post gave you added insight into the areas that customers consider important to them and how to apply these to your brand in order to stand out in a crowded market.  Keep updated with our blog for more health and fitness content.


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