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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core of digital marketing. Still, the question is asked, “Why should you invest in SEO?” Over 93% of online experiences are happening every day due to search. More and more brand experiences begin with a simple query through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

By not optimizing for search engines, you will lose relevant traffic from over two trillion searches launched every year on Google alone. To help, we’ve offered six ways to assist you in deciding if you need to invest in SEO.

6 Reasons for Deciding to Invest in SEO

Remember that keyword searches are about focused, intent-driven browsing. Your content should be clear, comfortable, and just right for the user when you optimize for intents. Likewise, considering an investment in search engine optimization forces you to consider all elements of your investment strategy. Here are six reasons to get started.

1. You need to save on advertising

Many businesses devote much of their marketing budget to advertising, but those dollars may be more sustainable when invested in SEO. If you need to save money on advertising, try allocating resources to SEO instead to increase your visibility. An increase in visibility will translate into more customers.

2. You need to increase conversions and lower bounce rates

I’m sure you’ve run into your fair share of aggressive ad campaigns that don’t bring you that laser-focused target customer that you had hoped for. Organic traffic from SEO brings in much higher quality traffic than unpredictable ad campaigns. At a much lower cost as well. 

It may be time to invest in contextual, long-tail keywords in your search engine optimization and content creation strategy. As you do so, express yourself in an evergreen, future-proof voice so that all users who find your content experience value in your content.

3. You need more customers

A search result page usually contains under 10 positively-matched links. To make sure Google will place your site in one of these top spots, you may want to invest in helpful, search-optimized content instead of ads and social. Most users will not look beyond these first ten results when choosing a solution, so make sure you’re among the top picks.

4. You need to establish authority, trust, and loyalty

Most searches seek expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information. This is another reason to invest in well-researched, optimized content and use only phrases matching target intents. A good SEO strategy will demand that you create content that increases trust among your target customer and feeds the customer’s journey. 

5. You want to grow your brand

Searchers often seek specific, highly relevant information, so you can increase the discovery and enjoyment of your site by optimizing to answer common queries. SEO can help solidify your brand platform by structuring your copy and taking advantage of query trends, giving you a competitive advantage and a USP. 

Search engine optimization will require you to consider what a user is after when they say [best pizza near me] and structure your content to match. Brands are built on a sound approach to search engine optimization.

6. You need to create relationships and increase your rank

Search engines will better find and rank your content with links from those who found your site useful. Investing in smart SEO strategies for building links can help your content get found by potential advocates and increase its rank.

You’ve now seen 6 examples of reasons that an investment in SEO would make sense for you. If you want happier customers that value your online brand, we recommend you consider launching an SEO campaign.

To play devil’s advocate, we offer two ways for you to evaluate whether now is a good time to invest in SEO or not.

Key Questions to Ask Before Investing in SEO

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Optimized search is about getting the user intent right the first time. It may be keyword-rich, focused, local, and just right for you, but does it delight your users? Search optimization encourages you to push the value envelope and make three considerations.

1. Do I have a budget for an intelligent SEO strategy?

By cutting spending in ad categories and prioritizing your position for top search queries, you may find you have some budget for search engine optimization. But, if your aim is to dominate the niche and top spot, consider giving your budget a much-needed boost. 

2. Will my SEO feature a thoughtful, evergreen strategy?

On the search for the right answer or product for them, users want speed as well as human and helpful information. If your aim is to delight people with value while saving money on ad spend, bounces, and conversions, you should investigate your content with a professional and invest in SEO

3. Do I have fair, measurable expectations of SEO?

If you know you want to make a connection with the problems, and passions that your users suggest with their queries, your next step is to consider if you can accept the positives and negatives of an SEO strategy. If you are able to appreciate that SEO will require smart investment, patience, and careful metrics, this makes it more likely that an SEO investment is the right choice for your business. 

If you are saying yes to these two important questions, you may very well be ready to invest in SEO and optimized content. Get a FREE SEO audit from Avintiv Media to learn more.

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