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Malek Periodontics is one of the premier periodontists in Glendale, AZ.  Malek Periodontics provides a variety of surgical services for the treatment of periodontal issues. They pride themselves on the fact that they are very conservative in their treatment recommendations and limit surgery to the areas where it is absolutely necessary.
The Problem


Lack of Clarity and brand cohesiveness
Malek Periodontics brand identity was outdated, and the mission and brand were missing the cohesive brand factors both visually and contextually needed to communicate with their desired client effectively.

Lack of brand awareness and consistency was hurting growth as other practices were updating their brands on a consistent basis.


Malek Periodontics previous website was outdated and had many UI/UX/CX issues with no clear call-to-actions leading to high bounce rates and low conversions.

The site was not mobile friendly resulting in even higher bounce rates on mobile as the site was not useable.


seo strategy and implementation
When Malek Periodontics reached out to work with us, the website was only ranking for 2 keywords and was not getting much visibility or traffic to the website. Malek Periodontics wasn’t standing out.

The Problem
The Solution

Website Design & Development

New Website
Malek Periodontics User Interface and User Experience was outdated and lacking. The Customer Experience was not well executed and the site was not converting.

Avintiv Media Built a brand new 30+ page custom website focused on mobile-first and a Customer Experience that was conversion focused.
  • Custom UI/UX Design & Development
  • On brand design focus while maintaining current web design and development best practices
  • User Interaction design
  • Customer experience centric UI/UX
  • Brand awareness and consistency built into the user interface and experience
  • Mobile first and device responsive design
  • Conversion focused with engaging CTA’s built with clarity and consistency
  • Easy navigability, mobile friendly and clean functionality
  • Abundance of content easily navigable and organized with SEO in mind
The Solution

Brand Identity

Malek Periodontics had an outdated logo – it did not scale and did not work for the web. Malek Periodontics’ new logo kept the organic feel that they did not want to abandon while updating the typography and adding more contrast and saturation to the desired color palette.

Malek Periodontics was keen on keeping flowers as part of their brand identity. The logo mark is a free-flowing interpretation of a tooth that also resembles the organic feel of a flower. We added touches of flower elements throughout the brand identity and website but made sure not to overpower the mission of Malek Periodontics.

Malek Periodontics’ mission was not coming through with their old brand identity and web presence. As part of the rebrand, we developed their new tagline – “Healthy Smiles. Healthy Lives,” and ensured all language and brand elements reflected this mission.
  • Brand Guide
  • Logo and Identity Package
  • Tagline and Mission Statement
  • Custom Iconography
  • Collateral
  • Color Palette
  • Design System
  • Digital Content Imagery
  • Creative Direction
The Solution


We did a competitive research analysis of all relevant dentists and periodontists companies to determine the best SEO strategy for Malek Periodontics. We implemented on-page and off-page initiatives, strategies, and campaigns focused on Google and other search engines.
  • 6 month SEO campaign
  • Competitive research & strategy
  • Rebuilt and optimized Google Analytics with campaigns and goals
  • Optimized Google My Business
  • Created a Google Search Console and optimized
  • Completed Local keyword research and tracking 36 keywords
  • Completed over 108 on-page SEO enhancements
  • Completed over 100 local directory submissions
  • Optimized over 18 service pages with the campaign focused keywords and proper H headings
  • Fixed over 252 website errors and warnings score is at 100%
  • Had a campaign strategy of 36 primary keywords
The Results

Company Growth.

Malek Periodontics now has a conversion focused and mobile friendly web presence.

Malek Periodontics has experienced consistent growth in visibility, traffic, and conversion rates as a result of our SEO campaigns.

1 %
Visibility on google - started with 3.04%
1 +
keywords on page 1 of google - started with 2
# 1
for periodontists in glendale, az for select keywords
20 %
increase in organic traffic


Jon and the Avintiv Media team actually care about your success. I have been with Avintiv Media from early on and the changes that come with the growth have been phenomenally handled and the amount of quality work has far exceeded expectations. Nothing is perfect, however it is how it is handled that makes the difference. Jon has taken care of me on many different levels and I feel like I have gained so much value working with Jon both in business and personally. I am very excited to continue working with Avintiv Media as they grow and continue to bring more value to everyone they work with.


The upfront and transparent way of operating their agency. No hidden strings. Avintiv Media never tried to do band-aid fixes and actually went deep into finding the real issues versus the surface issues. They care about my brand as much as I do. Always feel like an important client no matter the day, versus another number on their list.



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