How to Grow a Client Base in the Beauty Industry

It requires a lot of effort to be a woman; our society’s high beauty standards come with an equally high price tag. And there are endless ways to beautify ourselves: at any given week we’re getting a gel/acrylic manicure, pedicure, brow threading, lash extensions, hair color refresh/trim, tanning, dermatology services, etc, not to mention stocking up on the essentials at Sephora.


And these aren’t just one time deals. No, thankfully for beauty providers these services generally require upkeep. So the challenge for businesses becomes not only about obtaining clients, but also to keep them coming back and not lose them to competitors.


Beauty is a saturated industry; there are a lot of options out there for consumers to splurge on.  And so, establishing your brand presence and converting leads can prove difficult. In this article, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to generate leads and stay afloat in the highly competitive beauty market.


  1. Find your target market.


Identify your niche and align your campaign strategy to this niche. Do you sell high-end skincare, specializing in wrinkle prevention? Are you an authority in the ever-evolving brow industry? Do your tutorials of amazingly intricate braids garner thousands of views?  


A niche is imperative in an oversaturated market. You need a product or service that excels; you won’t succeed with an assortment of mediocre services. My nail place is great at nails, and they also do lashes but I go to a specialty lash place because that’s their niche, they’re faster, more experienced with lashes and offer more choices at lower price points. Customers would rather go to different businesses for different outstanding services than one place that does everything, not as well.


And once you’ve identified your niche, you need to get to know your buyer personas and what they value. It helps if you name them. For example, imagine I’m the proud owner of a brow bar called “Browery” in Scottsdale, Arizona. My services include brow shaping consultations, tinting, waxing, threading, micro-blading, brow workshops, and I also carry a range of top-of-the-line products which I recommend to clients for home care. My buyer personas may look something like this:


Andrea, 24, Persian descent (referred by her modeling agency because her brows are her signature feature).


-Law student at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

-Comes from a wealthy family


Laury, 34, originally from Atlanta.

-Her husband is a pro athlete

-Restaurant owner, makes 6 figures

-She enjoys shopping; extensive handbag collection


Renee, 21, originally from San Francisco.

-Youtube blogger/social media influencer

-beauty enthusiast, regularly posts tutorials

-ASU marketing student


Dina, 41, Arizona native.

-Married with two daughters aged 17 and 20

-Stay at home mom, occasionally helps husband with real estate business

-Well off, nice home in Paradise Valley


These are the type of women “Browery” will address on social media, in their brow tutorials (which Anastasia Beverly Hills has re-posted on several occasions), and in client newsletters. These are who your campaigns are directed at. Always keep them in mind.


  1. Extend monthly offers.

The next step is to orchestrate individualized deals targeted at each buyer persona. These may look something like: “Refer your sorority sister and each receive 20% off your next brow service” or “Mother/daughter month! Bring your mom or daughter in for a free brow mapping consultation.” The more the clients feel they’re personalized to them, the better.


  1. Collect their info or have them ‘follow’ you. Then provide valuable content.


Most customers don’t want to willingly hand over their contact information without batting an eye. That’s why it’s crucial that you provide them with value in the form of email or social media marketing.


If ‘Browery’ sent out a newsletter to their clients marketed as their monthly “Brow Briefing” and layed out upcoming trends, the good the bad and the ugly in celebrity brows and this month’s deal… they’d be engaging their clients and further establishing themselves as authorities in their niche.


In marketing, we can call this “nurturing” your leads or delighting them with content in a way that they become fans and promoters of your brand. Think of it as serving your customers even when they’re not in your chair.  Browery will know they’ve nailed this if clients feel inclined to pass them onto their friends. So when crafting content really consider its shareability factor.


  1. Follow up, Repeat.

Continue to pursue your target market. Find them on social media and don’t be afraid to like/follow/comment on accounts that fit your buyer personas to compliment them or extend offers. Instagram DM is a great way to let potential customers know about your monthly deals. If a user has a significant amount of followers who are engaged (liking and commenting a lot) feel free to cut them a sweeter deal. They’re likely to post about your services or tag your business’s location.


So there you have an outlined set of steps to follow for generating leads in the beauty industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and a content strategist/member of our marketing team will be happy to help. To inquire about our social media management services contact us here.

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