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3Win Corp

Customize our high-quality
products for your brand today.

3Win Corp.

Customize our high-quality
products for your brand today.

3Win Corp is a wholesale CCELL® distributor and industry leader in the cannabis industry. Their main clients are dispensaries, research labs, and extraction facilities.

Our goal in partnering with 3Win Corp was to increase their national market share and provide their customers with a phenomenal user journey and an unparalleled customer experience in an industry that isn’t known for customer experience.

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Brand Workshop
Brand Identity
Brand Style Guide
Custom Website
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3Win Corp


2018 – 2020

Brand Strategy and Identity

Due to 3Win Corp’s high-quality vape products and their phenomenal customer experience, they grew extremely fast over the last two years. Their brand identity and overall branding took the back seat due to meeting their client’s expectations and growth. We completed a full brand workshop with their team and you can see some of the work output below.

Custom Website Design & Development

3Win Corp was experiencing slower growth and loss of revenue due to an outdated website with poor user experience. The site did not highlight their product offerings and capabilities; making it nearly impossible to close deals unless they were in person, resulting in high costs for travel and printed collateral. We spent the much needed time diving into the 3Win Corp brand, the cannabis industry, and what their customers were looking to experience on a website. We custom-built their website to match perfectly with their brand and where they were going in the cannabis industry.

SEO & Content Creation

3Win Corp was on the 26th page of Google, and it was difficult for customers to find them. They also didn’t have any content on their website for visitors to engage with. Now, 3Win Corp is ranking for over 700 keywords and has over 75 keywords on the first page of Google. Their SEO is dominating their industry.

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