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Bliss Essntls is a quality CBD brand that helps you keep it simple with a carefully curated lineup of broad-spectrum CBD products. Bliss Essntls focuses its products on helping customers create more balance, restore their energy, and increase positive changes in their life. We partnered with the ownership team of Bliss Essntls when they came to us with a vision of creating a new CBD brand that was different than anything the market had seen. This consisted of The AVINTIV WAY, which is our proprietary brand-building process, which includes a brand workshop, consulting, brand naming, brand identity, product packaging, marketing collateral, and a 30+ page Wordpress eCommerce website. Bliss Essntls is set out to deliver a whole new experience for the CBD industry.


Sunkissed Pink


Daydream Orange


Creamy Delight


Forest Wonder


Solace in Black


Hero New

Boasting 10 wide-ranging weights from the crystalline Hairline to the über-punchy Super, the character set includes small caps and supports Cyrillic, Greek, and Georgian. New Hero has an incredibly clean and pure aesthetic, and is characterised by a slightly narrow m and clean vertical terminals to the C, c, S and s.


Hero New Semibold


Hero New Regular


Hero New light
Neonoir Slim

Neonoir pays homage to mid-20th century neon lettering craftsmanship. The beautiful futuristic grace of handwriting on wall-sized curved glass, distilled into a connected writing font.


Neonoir Slim

Marketing Collateral

A More Balanced Version of Yourself

ux/ui design

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