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Goat Grass CBD

Experience Life. Again.

Goat Grass CBD, CBD
Goat Grass CBD, CBD
Goat Grass CBD

Experience Life. Again.

Goat Grass CBD is one of the premier CBD brands that offers high-quality CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and gummies. Goat Grass CBD not only cares about providing the highest quality all-natural CBD products – they care about the experience; creating a path for those looking to become a better version of themselves through all-natural, healthy, Cannabidiol and hemp-based products.

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Goat Grass CBD


2019 – 2020

Logo and Style Guide

Goat Grass CBD originally decided to go towards a more intense or male-focused branding direction. The logo and branding didn’t match what their mission was nor whom they wanted to sell to. They realized that their branding was not built for the success that they wanted. We completed a full brand workshop to dive deep into the CBD market and see where Goat Grass CBD could thrive. You can see some of our work output below.

Brand Strategy and Identity

After much research and analysis, we feel that our team nailed their brand identity which resulted in a big increase in sales with happy customers. The overall brand identity is much more organic, elegant, and trustworthy.

Packaging Design

The original product and packaging design were extremely hard to read for consumers when the labels were on the actual products. The original matte black, gold, and silver made it extremely hard for customers to read anything on the label which created confusion and frustration for customers. During the brand workshop and deep dive, we discovered what colors and designs their ideal customers would want to see. We ended up designing over 13 custom packaging designs for their CBD oil, topicals, capsules, and gummies.

Custom Website Design & Development

Goat Grass CBD went with a simple Shopify theme for the website as many startups do. They soon realized that the theme was not built for the best customer experience or conversions that they had hoped for. At the time, Shopify also wasn’t too friendly to CBD brands. The website was not built with SEO or the customer experience in mind. We custom-built their new eCommerce website on Wordpress and since then conversions have gone way up.

SEO & Content Creation

The CBD industry is by far, one of the most competitive industries for SEO and content creation. Since you can’t run any social advertising campaigns for CBD yet, everyone has resorted to organic SEO and content creation. We built a 12-month SEO campaign for Goat Grass CBD to rank for important CBD related keywords. We also wrote over 30 CBD blogs with proper on-page SEO being done on each blog.

Marketing Collateral

Goat Grass CBD, like many successful brands, wanted their branding and marketing to match across all channels. We have designed all of their social media designs, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, pitch decks, wholesale decks, retargeting banner ads, etc.

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