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Malek Periodontics

Healthy Smiles. Health Lives.

Malek Periodontics

Healthy Smiles.
Health Lives.

Malek Periodontics is one of the premier periodontists in Glendale, AZ.  Malek Periodontics provides a variety of surgical services for the treatment of periodontal issues. 

Our goal partnering with such a phenomenal Glendale Periodontist was to overhaul their brand and entire digital presence in hopes of resonating with more customers and increasing their market share. We did just that and then some.

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Brand Identity
Brand Style Guide
Custom Website


Malek Periodontics


2018 – 2020

Brand Identity + Brand Styleguide

Malek Periodontics are great at what they do, actually one of the best, but where most businesses lack is their branding and brand identity. Malek Periodontics had a very outdated logo and branding that needed to be revamped to not only stay relevant but to be able to bring in new patients. We completed a full brand discovery and delivered a new beautiful logo, style guide, and overall brand identity. Their new brand identity has completely shifted the way that their brand is perceived.

Custom Website Design & Development

Malek Periodontics’ user interface and user experience were outdated and lacking. Like most dentists and periodontists, the customer experience was not well executed and the site was not converting.

We custom built a brand new 30+ page website focused on mobile-first and a customer experience that was conversion-focused for their ideal customers. Since launching Malek Periodontic’s new website and local SEO campaigns, they are now ranking for over 250 keywords and has over 25 keywords on page one of Google along with the 3-pack map.

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