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Source of Health is a health and wellness center in North Scottsdale, AZ. Their goal is to help you live, look, move and heal better without the use of drugs or surgery. They offer a range of services within the areas of functional medicine, regenerative medicine, aesthetical medicine, and physical therapy.

Our goal in partnering with Source of Health was to do a brand overhaul and launch a new brand identity that would speak to their ideal patients on a deeper level. As we continue to work together, our overall goal is to increase market share for Source of Health so countless more patients’ lives can be transformed without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Sorr and his team are truly improving the status quo of healthcare.











Montserrat is a geometric sans serif font. It was inspired by posters, signs and painted windows from the first half of the 20th century, seen in the historic district of Montserrat, in Buenos Aires.


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"After being in business for over 5 years, trying DIY and lone wolf approaches to getting the business out there and recognized, I asked a friend and mentor who to turn to. It was Avintiv. I hadn't heard of them since they were a boutique company and since my business is too, we hit it off and found incredible synergy. I spent countless hours working and communicating specifically with the team and the follow-through and end result is worth every single penny! It was a bigger spend than I had done before and you honestly get what you pay for with Avintiv. I continue to employ them after my website was created to continue to improve and keep up with the growing demands of digital presence. Thank you so much to everyone at Avintiv. Results are priceless!"

- Dr. Steven Sorr Owner and Founder of Source of Health

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