How Personal Trainers can Make Over 6 Figures in 90 Days

Over the past two years, Avintiv Media has the pleasure of working with over 30 personal trainers or “fitness professionals” all over the country. The majority of them faced the same problems, fears, and had trouble knowing what next steps to take to grow their business. Heck, I’ve personally been there with many of my past companies. We decided to go in-depth and write an article to provide valuable content for you guys for FREE. If you’re a personal trainer, fitness professional, Fit Pro or even an entrepreneur that continues to trade time for money – this article is for you.


For this article, we will use the personal trainer as an example, so if you’re not a personal trainer, take what you can and apply it to your own business or life.


If you’re a personal trainer and you’re maxed out with clients, it will be very hard for you to break 6-figures in income or have a multiple 6-figure business. If you have, bravo to you, that’s beyond amazing! The hardest part isn’t hitting 6-figures; that’s the easy part. The hard part is staying consistent without hitting burnout or hate what you do for a living. How many of you have had so many clients in a day or week that you started resenting them and stopped caring about their problems, their issues, and space out when they share with you while training? I’m sure a lot of you have because we’ve coached over 10 trainers this year who have faced that same exact issue. They started hating their job, their clients, and their life. They were worn out, tired, and just drained of all energy. This is the exact opposite lifestyle they were trying to promote.


Being a personal trainer is a numbers game. 2+2 = 4. We’ll never have to convince you otherwise. If you continue just training in person or don’t create an online business in 2018, you will always have a price ceiling. You will never make over “x” in monthly or yearly revenue. Now, some of you may not be motivated for money, we can attack that idea in another article, but being drained and running at full capacity is not having you give your clients 100% results. Maybe it starts that way but there is no way that you can have over 70 in-person clients, training 10 hours per day, and be able to offer everyone 100% energy throughout the day. You’re not superman or superwoman, you’re a human being just like all of us.


If a personal trainer has 7 clients per day paying $50 per hour times 5 days per week, their monthly take home is $7,000 per month in revenue and then they can subtract their COGS and expenses. Let’s just say their take home (pre taxes) is $5,500. The personal trainer is killing themselves in a gym all day only making $66,000 per year and maybe they can hit $100,000 per year but if it’s just them, that will be miserable for them.


Let’s take a look at option B. A number of our clients that are personal trainers or online coaches come to Avintiv Media because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are a little under 6-figures in revenue or slightly over 6-figures but they both want the same thing – TO GROW!


You need to understand what you and your brand offer to your clients. What pain points are you solving? What separates you from every other trainer in the country? We will act in this article like you already know exactly whom your buyer persona or target market is and you just need to build an online business.


There are so many options you can offer as an online trainer. See some examples:


  • Offer monthly one-on-one coaching where they get macro nutrition meal plans + monthly workouts with you managing them from a computer or phone
  • Create an online portal of tons of workouts and tutorials on how to do them for people that don’t know what they’re doing. This can be a monthly subscription fee and you are no longer trading your time for money
  • Offering eBooks that have everything that is stuck in your head and gets it out and onto a beautifully designed PDF document that your customers will pay money for. Once again, you make money while you sleep because you aren’t there training them
  • Offer lifestyle coaching – 50% of your conversations with clients are about their relationships, problems, and issues in their life. Are you charging them for that advice or shoulder to cry on? You ought to be!
  • Offer Group coaching for 10-15 people that are all in the similar phase of their fitness journey and hop on a one hour phone call with them per week or per month and each person pays you “x” per month. Example: It’s $250 per month per client who’s in this group which comes out to $2500 per month to hop on a 1-hour phone call or Google Hangout/Zoom with them. You just made $625 per hour. Does that sound a lot better than $50 per hour?


You need to be an authority or influencer in your space. You’re in the fitness space and have A LOT of competition. Especially when every one of our fitness clients has fully developed websites with higher conversion rates, they’ve done one-on-one coaching with us, and they are closing leads left and right. Now… everyone has to start somewhere so don’t let that deter you. People will always need to lose weight or need help with fitness and nutrition for the rest of our lifetime. There are plenty of clients that need training to go around.


Tips that we recommend doing in order to succeed as an online coach:


  1. Know what your brand is, who you are, and what the positioning of the both of you are in the fitness space
  2. Create a separate LLC for your online business (separate risks from in person training)
  3. Hire a designer to create a branding kit for you that includes (Name, color scheme, logo, typography, and do’s/don’ts with your branding)
  4. Know who your target demographic and buyer personas are
  5. Find out what their pain points are and offer solutions to those problems in your social media content
  6. Figure out what products/services you want to offer. You can start small but 90% of our one-on-one coaching clients are offering $1,500 online packages for 3 months of online training (not kidding one bit – know your worth)
  7. Hire a design firm to build a custom website based on what your business’ exact needs are. DON’T GO CHEAP AND GET A WORDPRESS THEME THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS. You will redo the website 2 more times within a year. Invest the money to make a higher ROI and grow your business
  8. Create an automated system for how you onboard & communicate with your clients
  9. Use simple tools to automate your business
  10. Simplify how you write your meal plans and workout plans. Keep them custom but automate as much as possible


We’ll save the next steps on how to actually grow your online business for another article. We don’t want to overwhelm you guys with too much information. If you have any questions at all, just email us at [email protected]. We specialize in helping personal trainers start or grow their own online business and shoot for clearing 6-figures in 90 days.

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